TH8S Shifter Add-On Puts You Behind The Steering Wheel for Real

If you are like me, you were blown away by just how much VR adds to a game like Gran Turismo.  If you are also like me, you are always on the hunt for awesome peripherals that can push that envelope even harder.  Thrustmaster has an awesome new add-on that might do exactly that — the TH8S Shifter.   If that name seems familiar, this is the direct descendent of the epic TH8A — the go-to for enthusiasts who can’t settle for anything else less than the very best.  This time around, they are pulling out all the stops, not only making it universally compatible, but somehow making it more affordable in the bargain.  Let’s get into the details:

Versatile shifter

TH8S Shifter Add-On inherits the same 8-position (7+1) “H”-pattern shift plate used by its big brother, TH8A Shifter Add-On, allowing for direct shifting of the 7 gears plus the reverse gear with no unnecessary movements required. TH8S Shifter Add-On adapts to all types of games and vehicles with manual shifting: rally, GT, NASCAR, trucks. The number of gears can easily be doubled using a keyboard/gamepad shortcut to be configured in order to adapt to driving trucks with up to 14 gears.

TH8S Shifter Add-On’s design has been modernized with a red ring — echoing the ring found on Thrustmaster’s recent T128 and T248 racing wheels, for aesthetic coherence in users’ sim racing setups. The “H”-pattern shift plate features a pronounced texture for the Thrustmaster “TM” logo, also stamped on top of the shift knob, giving the product real character and class.

Responsive shifting

With its 1.6″ / 4 cm metal shift lever, TH8S Shifter Add-On is a “short” shifter — specially designed with responsiveness in mind, for clean and precise shifting. The frictionless H.E.A.R.T technology derived from Thrustmaster’s high-end TH8A Shifter Add-On shifter version is incorporated into TH8S Shifter Add-On, ensuring the same extreme level of precision throughout the product’s lifespan.

TH8S Shifter Add-On features an ergonomic “sport-style” shift knob for easy handling, helping you stay in control in all situations — even off-road!

Full compatibility

The dual connectors (DIN and USB-C) on the back of TH8S Shifter Add-On allow for outstanding compatibility with virtually every type of sim racing setup. On PC, TH8S Shifter Add-On is compatible with all racing wheels via the USB-C/USB-A connection. On PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the shifter is compatible with all Thrustmaster Force Feedback racing wheel bases[1] via the DIN connection.

The two cables are included with the product, for Plug-and-Play use. The sliding notch lets you hide the unused connector.

Built-in clamping system

TH8S Shifter Add-On features a built-in sturdy clamping system for all types of tables, desks and supports (0.04–1.6″ / 0.1–4 cm thick). Clamping doesn’t require any tools, allowing the shifter to be attached and unattached quickly and easily. Set up TH8S Shifter Add-On only when you need it, and then conveniently store it away in just a few seconds when you’re not using it.

So might be burying the lede here, but how much would you expect to pay?  I can guarantee that the number you picked wasn’t $69.99, but that’s precisely where this one lands.  Available on July 27th, you can pre-order this shifter today, and I suggest you do so — having played in the hardware space for a few decades, devices like this tend to go very tight on supply at launch.  Don’t miss out — you can snap it up at the official site!

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