The dead men are walking as Daryl Dixon to be playable in State of Survival this month

Today, AMC and FunPlus announced that The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon will be a playable character for the free-to-play strategy game State of Survival in a custom event starting on April 15. In addition, the character’s actor, Norman Reedus, will lend his voice for the character crossover.

Starting on April 15th and running through October 2021, Daryl Dixon will be a playable character hero with a customized storyline within the State of Survival universe. Daryl will be accompanied by his notable canine companion Dog, also from the television series, as they fight off hordes of zombie attacks. Actor Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon on AMC’s global smash hit series has lent his voice and likeness to the in-game character, creating an immersive experience in State of Survival.

“It’s an honor to introduce one of the most captivating characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead into State of Survival,” says Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer at FunPlus. “We have worked closely with AMC and Norman Reedus to create something truly exciting for fans of The Walking Dead, and we can’t wait for our players to jump into the game as the legendary Daryl Dixon.”

“The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon has emerged as one of the most pre-eminent zombie slayers in the genre,” says Clayton Neuman, VP of Games at AMC. “Finding a way to bring him and his unique survival skills into a brand new post-apocalyptic setting was a creative challenge and a privilege — and the end result is an absolute treat for SOS players and series fans alike.” and sign up before the April 15th deadline. If the pre-registration goal is reached before April 15th, players in game will receive exclusive rewards. Additional rewards will be made available by inviting friends to participate.

Check out the announcement video above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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