The Blind Prophet, a hand-drawn Point & Click adventure game, begins its Kickstarter campaign

Today, Goetia Games began their Kickstarter campaign for the hand-drawn Point & Click adventure game, The Blind Prophet. To coincide with this campaign, a demo has been released to give players a taste of the full game.

Taking a mature look at the Point & Click genre, The Blind Prophet will focus on a strong storyline, fluidity, and ambience. In addition to traditional Point & Click mechanics, it will feature mind-bending puzzles, unique characters, ethical narrative choices, a comic art style for cinematics, and a strong philosophical storyline about redemption and moral struggle.

The prophecy passed on through the generations is about to be fulfilled! But this time, the Apostle Bartholomeus will face terrible and unexpected problems… What could have gone wrong? Who is this mysterious man, trying to block the divine mission, and what are his motivations?

Just as in real life, there are no simple answers in The Blind Prophet. It’s a Point & Click experience set in a tragically blunt and mature universe. Its cause is to challenge you and provoke you to think about the importance of our existence, good, evil and sacrifice.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, The Blind Prophet is projected to be released on PC by the end of the year. If they exceed their funding, the stretch goals include additional content such as new NPCs, additional locations, additional missions, and a mystery goal at 60K. To support the Kickstarter campaign or see a full list of stretch goals, visit the campaign page.

A brief demo of The Blind Prophet is available on Gamejolt. For more information on the game, visit the official website.

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