Tango Down! Rainbow Six is back and kicking!

Ubisoft kept this under wraps, and now it’s out there … Rainbow Six Siege is on it’s way for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. From the surprise reveal video, there are some intriguing gameplay scenarios. First of all, wall and floor breaching, as well as prep and choice of entry.

It looks like Ubisoft Montreal’s Realblast engine adds the edge:

Leveraging Ubisoft Montreal’s proprietary Realblast engine, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege incorporates procedural destruction that is realistic and unscripted, meaning the environment reacts authentically, distinctively and dynamically, based on variables like the caliber of bullets or the amount of explosives used. This advance allows players to leverage destruction in meaningful ways. Walls can be shattered, opening new lines of fire. Ceilings and floors can be breached to create new access points. This ability to modify the level design in real time enables players to create new gameplay opportunities directly within the game level.

The mode shown is a multiplayer objective-based mode, and during the Q&A after the show they revealed that we can also expect a single player experience to go along with it.

2015 cannot come soon enough!

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