Take to the skies for a good cause with the new C.O.D.E. pack in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone 2.0

We love the Call of Duty Endowment here at Gaming Trend, and you have a chance to do something good with all of those COD points you’ve been earning. Announced today is the Valkyrie pack, a new C.O.D.E. bundle that supports veterans in finding jobs. Sure, it might not be Kevin Durant, but doing something that benefits more than ourselves is an awesome thing to do. Check out the info direct from the Call of Duty blog below!

Call of Duty Endowment Valkyrie Pack

Season 03 Reloaded is now live in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II, bringing the new Alboran Hatchery 6v6 map plus Giant Infected and Faceoff 3v3 to Multiplayer, alongside the new DMZ Koschei Complex in Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0.

Show your appreciation for military veterans by deploying into these new experiences and more with the Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Valkyrie Pack for use in Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0. The Valkyrie Pack honors female veterans and the substantial contributions they make every day in the military. You’ll alsodirectly contribute to the Endowment’s mission to place unemployed and underemployed veterans in the U.S. and U.K. into high-quality jobs.

The C.O.D.E. Valkyrie Pack

Purchase the Valkyrie Pack to immediately unlock the following in-game items:

  • “The Valkyrie” Roze Operator Skin
  • “Sting” Handgun Blueprint
  • “Winged Warrior” Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • “Eagle Driver” Light Helo Vehicle Skin
  • “Brave” Weapon Charm
  • “Remove Before Flight” Sticker
  • “Tornado” Animated Emblem
  • One Double Player XP Token
  • One Double Weapon XP Token

This offer is for a limited time only, so get yours while you can to support U.S. and U.K. veterans.

About the Call of Duty Endowment

Since 2009, the nonprofit Call of Duty Endowment has helped more than 118,000 veterans find meaningful careers after their military service. The Endowment seeks to help U.S. and U.K. veterans find high-quality careers by supporting groups that prepare them for the job market and by raising awareness of the extraordinary value veterans bring to the workplace. For more information about the Call of Duty Endowment, please visit

C.O.D.E. Raises $1 Million in Loot for Good In-Game Event

Early this May, Warzone 2.0 players who extracted at least $30,000 of in-game Cash in DMZ helped raise $1 million for the Call of Duty Endowment in the first in-game charity extraction challenge. Continue supporting Military Appreciation Month by purchasing the Valkyrie Pack to help get even more U.S. and U.K. veterans into high-quality jobs.

Season 03 Reloaded Now Live

Season 03 Reloaded of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 is now live. Along with new maps and modes, the midseason update also brought Ranked Play to Warzone 2.0 along with a host of new Battle Royale features, Raid Episode 03, new camo challenges, and more.

Get the C.O.D.E. Valkyrie Pack in the in-game Store for Modern Warfare II or Warzone 2.0 and take flight against your enemies no matter the challenge.

Stay frosty.

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