Survive the hand-drawn ocean with Aquamarine, now on Kickstarter

Moebial Studios announced that it has brought its point-and-click adventure game Aquamarine to Kickstarter, with a $25,000 funding goal which will end on October 30. If funded, the game will come to Mac and PC next spring.

Aquamarine is a small-scale, point-and-click exploration game coming to Mac and PC in Spring 2019, and is being created by independent developers Moebial Studios. Inspired by the comics of French artist Moebius, roguelikes, and ’70s-era psychedelic sci-fi, Aquamarine tells the story of a nameless space traveler who is stranded on an unknown planet covered in water.

Players must survive the environment and navigate their escape pod through the alien ocean depths, discovering its hidden past, recovering their crashed ship, and hopefully escaping with their life.

The game looks wonderfully vibrant and fresh, with a hand-drawn style that invites players into the world of Aquamarine. However, the game also features crafting mechanics as you continue to survive in this weird and wonderful land. While there are multiple tiers for funding, you can obtain a copy of Aquamarine at the $15 tier and up. Check out the trailer above, play the free demo, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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