Get ready for a trip as Shortest Trip to Earth hits Early Access today

Roguelike space exploration game Shortest Trip to Earth makes it way to Steam’s Early Access program today. Players will be get to explore the universe in the middle of an intergalactic war.

Players will meet strange life forms and exotic planets while upgrading their ship and crew. The game will feature 1000 pieces of sci-fi art, catering for every unique encounter present in the game. Combat takes place in real time and permadeath ups the ante, adding weight to every action.

Shortest Trip to Earth features a procedurally generated universe, ship customization and crew management, onboard combat, hundreds of random events, and more. It it available for $19.99, with a 15% discount during the week of launch. So make sure to check out the Early Access trailer above, and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more news.


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