Strayed Lights shines bright in official launch trailer

Strayed Lights is the newest adventure game from Developer Embers. Launching today, the game will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $24.99. Check out the launch trailer below:

Strayed Lights - Launch Trailer

“We are delighted for action adventure fans to begin their journeys through Strayed Lights’ enchanting and kinetic realm today,” says Alexandre Arramon, co-founder and creative director at Embers. “We are incredibly grateful for the positive response we’ve received from the community so far and can’t wait to further immerse players with the colorful new ideas we’ve conceived. For now, we invite everyone to explore Strayed Lights’ meticulously crafted universe by supporting our debut title across modern platforms and diving deeper through the game’s premium artbook and mesmerizing soundtrack by Austin Wintory. Thank you once again for the remarkable feedback to our first project.”

Strayed Lights’ Key Features:

–Combat: Absorb the energy of your opponents with a familiar but innovative and challenging combat system

–Creatures: Face your inner demons and soothe immense creatures who succumbed to their emotions

–Journey: Unlock abilities and progress towards awakening while seeing your character grow from a newborn to an ascended being

–World: Travel through dreamlike forests, misty valleys, broken cities and dark caves, search for ancient relics to reveal the history of these lands, and enjoy an ambitious soundtrack by Austin Wintory.

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