Showcase your inner killer instincts with the Vengeance: Roll & Fight Challenge

Vengeance: Roll & Fight Challenge
Vengeance: Roll & Fight Challenge

Are you ready to showcase your vengeance skills? The Vengeance: Roll & Fight Challenge is here, and it’s your chance to prove whether you have what it takes to become the game’s world champion. Put on your game face, use the provided setup, and submit your score for a chance to climb to the top of the leaderboard and earn bragging rights as the ultimate Vengeful One.

Vengeance: Roll & Fight is a high-energy, real-time roll-and-write game that brings the excitement of fighting to your living room. While the game’s mechanics are simple, it’s a challenging game that will test your skills. Build combos, defeat enemies, and score points as you play this fast-paced, frantic action game. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newbie, you’ll enjoy the action-packed, brain-teasing experience it provides.

The John Wick Challenge

The John Wick Challenge

So prepare to take on the world with the first-ever Vengeance: Roll & Fight Challenge. With the release of John Wick: Chapter 4, it’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner assassin and show off your skills with the John Wick Challenge! The challenge is open until May 22nd, with more challenges coming soon.

In addition to the chance to claim the coveted title, all participants can win a free Mighty Boards game. So give it a shot and see if you can emerge victorious. It’s time to roll and fight your way to the top!

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