SteelSeries unveils the Apex Pro Mini: Limited Edition White x Gold Keyboard and SteelSeries COLOR customization packs

SteelSeries, the popular esports brand known for that high quality gaming peripherals, unveiled the Apex Pro Mini: Limited-Edition White x Gold Keyboard today. The Apex Pro Mini is a top-of-the-line keyboard designed and molded with sublime craftsmanship and featuring the most adjustable switches on the planet. Additionally, SteelSeries also unveiled the first customization packs that will be available through their SteelSeries COLOR line, which allows players to easily customization their keyboards and setups to the colors of their choosing. You can check out a few pictures and learn more about both the Apex Pro Mini and SteelSeries COLOR below:

CHICAGO – JANUARY 24, 2024 SteelSeries, the original esports brand that fuses gaming and culture, and the worldwide leader in gaming and esports peripherals, today unveiled a limited-edition version of one of the company’s award-winning Apex keyboards. Designed like a piece of art, molded with sublime craftsmanship, and packing a punch with the fastest and most adjustable switches on the planet, the Apex Pro Mini: Limited-Edition White x Gold keyboard is a masterpiece in gaming gear.

Beautiful design meets tech and innovation for the ultimate Apex Pro experience. An exceptional, slightly weightier typing feel energizes keystrokes, whether they aim for victory or the completion of a task. The Apex Pro Mini: Limited-Edition White x Gold keyboard enriches a desk or battlestation with a showpiece that has been meticulously engineered with a brass weight plate and precision-milled CNC aluminum bottom case for added weight. To top it off, only 250 of these keyboards exist in the world and each keyboard is numbered from 001/250 – 250/250.

Smaller, faster, and highly adjustable, the Apex Pro Mini gives credence to the phrase “Mini is Mighty.”

As the creators of the original and patented Hall Effect Switch (OmniPoint), SteelSeries continues to push boundaries to give gamers a competitive edge. Launched in 2019, SteelSeries set out to provide gamers more control over their keyboards with the Apex Pro, the most customizable keyboard on the planet with the world’s fastest switches. The original OmniPoint Switch introduced fully adjustable actuation, the biggest leap in gaming keyboard innovation since the creation of the first mechanical switches, which allowed users to adjust between deep throws and feather-light touches.

Faster is better. In Fall 2023, SteelSeries launched a software/firmware update that made the world’s fastest keyboard even faster… again. The update increased the functionality of Apex Pro series keyboards’ OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic Switches by introducing Rapid Trigger mode, allowing Apex Pro keyboards to release the actuation even faster when users release a key. The result is a faster rapid-fire action and gamers can repeatedly press the same key without waiting for it to return. In addition to more speed, the brand increased the level of adjustability by updating the actuation distance — which is now 0.1mm to 4.0mm (from 0.2mm to 3.8mm.) This gives every independent key 40 levels of adjustability (up from 37).

A compact 60% design frees up desk space and allows for larger mouse movements, along with improved aesthetics, and more ergonomic positioning. Double shot PBT keycaps are engineered with a unique textured finish, feel every keystroke for better accuracy, while a premium, double-sleeved braided Coiled Cable is made for stability and minimalistic aesthetics. When you have a switch guaranteed to 100M keystrokes, gamers need keycaps to match. SteelSeries’ PBT keycaps offer unparalleled durability to ensure they last from keystroke 1, to keystroke 100,000,000. Secondary functions are printed on the side of the keycaps, providing the functionality of a full-size keyboard, in a smaller form factor. With SteelSeries’ innovative modifier key, full keyboard functionality is maintained in a smaller mini form factor – making the Apex Pro Mini keyboards the perfect size to fit within a backpack for on-the-go, esports tournaments, LAN parties, and those headed to their first dorm room or already enrolled in college.

Only available at, the Apex Pro Mini: Limited-Edition White x Gold keyboards are available while supplies last for an MSRP of $379.99.

In addition to the Apex Pro Mini: Limited-Edition White x Gold keyboard, the brand is introducing the first packs in the series of SteelSeries COLOR collections. Offering players the opportunity to customize their keyboards and setups with brilliant colored accessories, the initial color packs include Bright Pink, Pastel Blue, and Pine Green.

Each color pack features special-edition coiled cable options, double-shot PBT keycaps, QcK mousepads, and Arctis Nova Booster Packs.

Coiled Cable Compatibility:

  • Apex 9 Mini | Apex 9 TKL, Apex Pro Mini | Apex Pro Min Wireless | Apex Pro TKL (2023) | Apex pro TKL Wireless (2023) |Most USB-C keyboards

60% Double Shot PBT Keycaps Compatibility:

  • Apex 9 Mini | Apex Pro Mini | Apex Pro Mini Wireless


  • Coiled Cable: NA $39.99 | EMEA € 39.99 | APAC $39.99
  • 60% Double shot PBT keycaps: NA $29.99 | EMEA € 29.99 | APAC $29.99
  • Arctis Nova Booster Pack: NA $34.99 | EMEA € 34.99 | APAC $34.99
  • QcK M: NA $12.99 | EMEA € 12.99 | APAC $12.99

To learn more about SteelSeries, visit and join the conversation on Twitter at @SteelSeries and Instagram at @SteelSeries.

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