Steam Daily Deals for July 17th

It’s interesting watching the comment threads about Spec Ops: The Line in the weeks since the game’s release.  Discussions about the shooting model, graphics, and the much vaunted sandstorm technology have given way to much more considered and sober conversations about its narrative themes.  Yager had a specific goal in mind to impress upon players the psychological impact of operating in a dehumanizing warzone, and the more I read from new players coming on board to see what the buzz is about, the more it seems like they’ve succeeded.

Or, if you’d like to operate a train, today’s Steam sale has that too.  All the deals are right here after the jump!


  • Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack – 75% off – $12.49
    Grand Theft Auto
    Grand Theft Auto 2
    Grand Theft Auto III – $2.49
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – $2.49
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – $3.74
    Grand Theft Auto IV – $4.99
  • Limbo – 75% off – $2.49


Here are the current round of Steam Flash Deals, but as always, check in at or our community thread for the most up-to-date round of sales!

  • Double Fine Pack – 75% off – $7.49
    Costume Quest – $3.74
    Psychonauts – $2.49
    Stacking – $3.74
  • Duke Nukem Forever – 75% off – $4.99
    The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC – $4.99
    Hail to the Icons Parody Pack – $2.49


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