Splash Damage unveil a new Transformers game

Sitting in the IMAX theater, the last game I expected to get announced was Transformers: Reactivate. The online action game includes co-op as you take the fight to the Legion. No release was given but game updates are available via sign-up on their website. More details from last night’s announcement are below:

TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE Official Announce Trailer | The Game Awards

Splash Damage, the developers behind Dirty Bomb, Gears Tactics, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, today announced TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE, a 1-4 player online action game, being developed in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc. This PC & Console co-op game will offer players an opportunity to explore a fresh, new story within the TRANSFORMERS universe.

TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE will offer players a chance to immerse themselves in the TRANSFORMERS universe like never before. They will get to play as some of their favourite characters; unique, weighty, and powerful, seamlessly converting between vehicle and bot form as they battle The Legion; the greatest threat the Autobots have ever faced.

Richard Jolly, CEO of Splash Damage, says, “Growing up with G1 TRANSFORMERS in the ’80s means it’ll always hold a special place in my heart, it’s both an honour and a privilege to work with such a beloved franchise. We know fans have been waiting a long time for a new TRANSFORMERS game on consoles and pc, and we’re going to give them the experience they deserve.”

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