Spelunky scurrying back onto PC’s this August


If you remember correctly, Spelunky was released on XBLA around a year ago and immediately captured everyone’s hearts. Of course, while capturing their hearts, they also sent us all into a simultaneous rage. Before it’s XBLA release, Spelunky was but a simple flash game on our computer. But now that flash game is getting the update it has desired as developer Mossmouth will be releasing the XBLA version on PC’s this August. The XBLA version features many features that the original flash game did not support.

Mossmouth wrote on Tumblr:

“Spelunky is returning to PC on August 8th, 2013!”… “The walls are shifting…”

Also, according to Joystiq, the PS3 and Vita version of Spelunky should be arriving around the same time as this new PC port. The PC version of Spelunky will arrive August 8th on and Steam. I’m not going to tell you how to use your money… But if you don’t own Spelunky, that’s a problem you need to rectify.

Source: Eurogamer


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