Son of Oak Game Studio announces new RPG, Tokyo:Otherworld

Son of Oak Game Studio today announced Tokyo:Otherworld, a cyberpunk fantasy RPG. The Kickstarter launches April 4.

According to Son of Oak Game Studio,

“The City of Mist metaverse will soon expand with our upcoming cyberpunk-fantasy game :Otherworld and its first setting book Tokyo:Otherworld set in dystopian future Japan.

In a future, alternate version of the City of Mist universe, myths and legends manifest in a grim version of the real world. However, instead of the eponymous Mist, :Otherworld is plagued by the Noise, the sum of all stimuli in the accelerated information age. Humanity no longer awakens as Rifts; instead, corporations, crime syndicates, and governments struggle to control relics, temples, and rituals that will boon them with a fraction of a Mythos’ power and keep them relevant in a rapidly deteriorating political ecosystem. Your crew are the privateers, ronins, or hired guns that — for profit, honor, or revenge — seek out and take control over these coveted sources of magic, in an action-packed, cinematic cyberpunk story.”

The game will operate on COM:Reloaded, an upgraded City of Mist system with

  • Statless, classless, tag-based characters and system (as in City of Mist)
  • Dramatic powerset (theme) changes based on story developments (as in City of Mist)
  • Streamlined player moves with less overlap
  • 14 new themebooks for Mythos, Meat, and Noise
  • A new universal Loadout theme that describes your character’s gear and is reloaded at the end of each downtime
  • Rapid and full custom character creation
  • Improved MC moves guidelines and instructions
  • Support for action, stealth, investigation and added support for exploration
  • Specific instructions on how to use the moves for every setting-appropriate activity such as gunfights, hacking, drone control, summoning, spellcraft, medical attention, and more.

The Kickstarter can be found here.

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