Smite SWC day 3 — Golden Bolts winners

The Golden Bolts took place earlier this afternoon at the Smite SWC S9 event here in Arlington, Texas. This is a yearly awards ceremony that Hi-Rez hosts during SWC, and the fans are the ones who get to decide who is worthy of them. Congrats to all the winners!

Alec Fonzo (FineOkay) from the Jade Dragons. Pro Player of the Year, and Streamer of the Year

Fan Artist of the Year: Mytaria

Video Creator of the Year: Mast

Streamer of the Year: FineOkay

Community Member of the Year: Pattedevelours

Rising Star: ChristTDickson

Pro Player of the Year: FineOkay

Rookie of the Year: Pegon

Esports Play of the Year: Deathwalker

Deathwalker of Hex Mambo won Esports Play of the Year

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