Slash through the galaxy in a new DLC for High On Life, High On Knife

Today, Squanch Games teased the first DLC for their Comedy Arena Shooter, High On Life.

Squanch Games is thrilled to announce the first DLC for its breakout hit High On Life with a new teaser trailer. High On Knife gives Knifey his chance to shine (and stab) on a fully realized new planetary environment loaded with all-new characters, hazards, and spooky surprises. Players will have a chance to check out the mayhem when High On Knife is released later this fall.

“We’ve been humbled and grateful for the fan reaction to High On Life, and we’re excited to continue working within this crazy universe,” says Mike Fridley, Squanch’s Studio Director. “We’re looking forward to incorporating more of a horror-comedy vibe in High On Knife, and we can’t wait to hear what fans think of it when it’s released later this fall.”

High On Knife will introduce a brand-new talking gun character, Harper, voiced by Sarah Sherman (Saturday Night Live). This is just the beginning for High On Knife. Stay tuned for more details on the DLC, new gameplay elements, and more.

“This trailer shows off a portion of the DLC where we’re dropping players into a darker, scarier setting ruled over by a mysterious, goopy new boss named Mux (voiced by Gabourey Sidibe.),” says Mikey Spano, Squanch Games’ Chief Creative Officer. “We’re also introducing two brand new guns: Harper is an ex-military pistol trying to overcome her past (voiced by Sarah Sherman) and B.A.L.L. is a pinball gun operated by a chaotic gaggle of little gibberish-speaking weirdos (“voiced” by Alec Robbins.)

“You’ll need both of them as well as Knifey’s hyper-violent new upgrade to overcome the powerful, two-headed, laser-beam-blasting Bloat that hunts you in the dark. This is just a small slice of the DLC – there’s a ton more weird, funny, and surprising stuff we packed in that we think you’ll love so make sure to stay tuned!”

High On Life, now available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store; Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles; and with Xbox Game Pass on console, PC, and cloud, has surpassed more than 7.5 million unique players worldwide since its launch in mid-December. High On Life was the top seller on Steam during launch week, the biggest Xbox Game Pass release of 2022, the biggest 3rd party launch in Game Pass history, and the biggest single-player game launch on Game Pass ever.

High On Life follows the misadventures of an unmotivated high-school graduate who becomes Earth’s last hope following an alien invasion. These interstellar invaders are on a constant search for their next intoxicating experience, and, unfortunately, they discover that humans provide an exquisite high. The only solution is to become a bounty hunter, tracking down the kingpins in the alien cartel to stop their horrifying harvest. It makes sense in context, OK?!

Check out our review of High On Life here, and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for a review of the DLC when it releases.

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