Sing for me a sweet song, Viola: The Heroine’s Melody heads out of Early Access this month

Today, independent developer Jelle Van Doorne announced that the musical-platformer RPG Viola: The Heroine’s Melody will head out of Early Access and onto Steam on February 17, with console releases soon. The game will allow players to participate in musically-based battles as they explore a colorful land.

Viola: The Heroine’s Melody is the musical platformer RPG! After failing at violin practice for the hundredth time, Viola gets trapped inside her instrument’s fantastical world. She’s joined by a set of strange, colorful friends, as she journeys through the lands of magic, monsters and music… Searching for her way back home.

Viola: The Heroine’s Melody pulls inspiration from many classic JRPGs as well as modern indie takes on the genre. Turn-based battles, a ton of recruitable characters, and a personal story to sink your teeth into: Viola has all of this and more. However, Viola is not a passive RPG. Attacks require the player to time their button taps, and to unleash spells you’ll have to follow a series of rhythm game-esque inputs.

On top of being an RPG, Viola: The Heroine’s Melody is a side-scrolling platformer! With wall jumps and triple jumps, springs and cannons, you can explore each level and uncover every little secret. Find more potions, or gems to equip and customize each character’s stats! And don’t worry about random encounters: each monster is visible in the level. Don’t feel like fighting? Just jump around and find another path!

Viola: The Heroine’s Melody is currently available in Early Access for $9.99 on Steam, with the price set to increase to $14.99 upon the 1.0 launch. A console edition is also in the works for release later in 2021.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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