Sew an intricate story together with the Weave storytelling app

For those unaware, Monocle Society created the tabletop storytelling game app, Weave. This app comes with free playsets when downloaded but Monocle hopes to make narrative games even more accessible with the launch of its Weave+ subscription service on iOS and Android devices in Q1 2020.

Weave’s innovative blend of mobile technology, tarot-inspired cards, and dice removes the barriers that bog down tabletop roleplaying. A simple-yet-robust system makes the heavy rulebooks and obtuse mechanics associated with the genre a thing of the past. Fast-paced, intuitive story and character creation take minutes instead of hours. Weave lets anyone create cinematic, collaborative stories with their friends as the first-ever free-to-play digital tabletop roleplaying game.

Tell incredible tales with the help of the gorgeously-rendered cards. Any time the storyteller needs a new element for their campaign — location, boss, or even plot twist — simply draw one of 22 cards. Most cards have multiple choices, helping guide storytellers into unexpected scenarios while still providing the sweet, electrical feeling of improvisation.

Four themed playsets are included with Weave. Instead of beating up goblins in a high fantasy world, experience life in their curly-toed shoes in Goblins R’ Jerks. Embark on a nostalgic ride through the 1980s as kids embroiled in weird mysteries in The Gloomies. Soar amongst the stars in Solar Age for a serialized sci-fi adventure. Learn to survive a post-Apocalyptic South American cyberpunk world in Xorte/IO.

While anyone who downloads the free app can create an episode within one of the four included playsets, subscribers to the Weave+ service can create ongoing campaigns in any of an ever-expanding selection of original and licensed playsets. For $4.99 a month or $49.99 for a year, storytellers can add an infinite amount of content with no limits on player level or element additions. Monocle Society plans to add more content to Weave+ over time, with features including custom card creation, group organization, player reminders, new playsets, and much more.

Additionally, Monocle Society is unveiling a new experiment at PAX Unplugged this year by pre-releasing the Weave Storyteller Screen. This game master screen is packed with secrets that the team will unveil over the course of 2020. Those who purchase it now can experience new ways to interact with Weave ahead of anyone else. It will be available in stores at a later date.

Check them out at PAX Unplugged if you are attending and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.


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