SEGA and Numskull Designs have unveiled their incredibly detailed 10″ SHENMUE statue

SEGA and Numskull Designs recently unveiled their incredibly detailed 10″ SHENMUE statue of Ryo Hazuki. The statue features Ryo in his iconic tiger jacket and pays homage to the Heartbeats bar fight scene. You can check out a few pictures and read more about the statue below:

Feast your eyes on this stunning BRAND NEW official SEGA statue from Numskull Designs! Made for the hard-core Shenmue fan, this 10” statue of iconic protagonist Ryo Hazuki is the perfect collector’s piece to celebrate the ever-popular franchise.

Ryo is unmistakable in his jeans and brown jacket featuring the iconic tiger design and every detail from head to toe has been paid close attention to; every crease, frown and facial feature as well as intricate details on the clothing and props have all been carefully designed by the Numskull team for this iconic character.

The statue pays homage to the Heartbeats bar fight scene from the first game, being re-imagined as a dynamic and highly detailed diorama. The base features a number of references that fans will recognise instantly, such as the toppled table and bar stool, branded beer mats, and a THAT glass of milk (if you know, you know).

Official Shenmue Ryo Hazuki Statue

Official SEGA product

Designed and manufactured by Numskull Designs
Exclusive statue featuring Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue
Features intricate base with classic Shenmue game props
Highly detailed replica statue from the paintwork to Ryo’s iconic tiger jacket
Perfect collector’s item for any SEGA and Shenmue fan
Stands at 10” / 254mm tall

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