Roguelike deck-building RPG Arcanium receives new trailers that highlight story and gameplay

In addition to the opening cinematic being available to view on YouTube, a new trailer showing off the gameplay for the deck-building RPG Arcanium has been released. This game will feature a unique quest system where a variety of tasks will reward players with loot chests.

As a high-fantasy title, Arcanium features 25 anthropomorphic characters each with their own unique characteristics and attributes. In Arcanium players will choose a party of three heroes and begin their run. A run consists of four chapters that take players across the continent of Arzu. Each chapter concludes in Epic World Events that randomly appear on the map and offer challenging boss battles or scenarios. Departing from the linear progression of traditional roguelike titles, the all-new open-world system gives players the freedom to choose where their journey takes them.

“Players are not locked into the province where they start their journey, but can roam freely between all available provinces.” Said Remi Marchand, co-founder, and CEO of Supercombo. “We wanted to create the perfect blend of Roguelike card game and RPG, and we think that tearing down the borders really gives players a sense of the scale of the world. There are more nodes than you can ever visit during a run. Carefully planning a specific route that will reward your squad with the optimal artifact build, is the key to victory.”

Arcanium Gameplay Trailer - October 2019

Arcanium will be released soon on Steam Early Access. For more information, visit the game’s Steam page.

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