Restoration Games and Mondo announce Spring 2022 time frame for new releases of their successful Unmatched battle games

Restoration Games and Mondo have announced a Spring 2022 time line for new releases of their incredibly successful Unmatched series. Restoration Games will handle publishing of all sets, while Mondo will manage the licensor relationships.

Today, Restoration Games and Mondo Games announced a restructuring of their arrangement for publication of Unmatched, the award-winning game line of battles between unlikely heroes. Under the new arrangement, Restoration will act as the publisher for all sets. Under the previous arrangement, Restoration had published the unlicensed sets, and Mondo published the licensed ones, such as Jurassic Park and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Moving forward, Mondo will continue to manage the relationship with the licensors on the licensed sets.

“This new structure consolidates the pre-publication process under our roof, which will let us ensure line consistency for both content and release schedule,” said Justin D. Jacobson, owner of Restoration Games. “For our fans, this means that more Unmatched sets are on the way and should come out on a regular cadence moving forward.”

“We’ve had great success with Unmatched and this restructured division of labor allows us to focus on the area where we add the most value,” noted Jeff Pinkser, president of Mondo. “And we’ll continue to sell Unmatched on our website,, where these games are just part of the rich merchandise mix that we offer, including limited-edition posters, vinyl records, and collectible figures.”

Battle of Legends, Vol 2 is ready to be released as soon as it arrives in the warehouse. On previously announced licensed sets, production has been on hold pending finalization of the new agreement, but that is now underway. Restoration expects these sets to become available in Spring of 2022, with additional licensed sets releasing on a regular schedule thereafter.

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