Renovations expansion announced for Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Kickstarter preview is now live

An expansion has been announced for Castles of Mad King Ludwig titled Renovations, which allows players to renovate their castle as they build it thanks to double room type tiles. Also announced was Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Colossal Renovations, which features room sizes that are 4x as large as the regular renovation rooms. You can learn more below:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Renovations

In 2021, Ted Alspach decided it was time to give fans the magnificent Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition they have been waiting for. Soon after that title went into production, he had a revelation for a brilliant new expansion! Bezier Games is now returning to Bavaria where the King demands luxurious renovations to his castle and Bezier Games is all too happy to oblige!

Enhance existing rooms with dual room-type renovations, for every size room in your castle. Renovations are placed on top of existing rooms, so entrances are still in place, but the room is completely refurbished! Dozens of renovations are included in this expansion, but you’ll only choose from as many as there are rooms available for sale in the market. Castles of Mad King Ludwig Renovations launches on Kickstarter November 1st! Don’t miss out on the exciting new chapter of Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Renovations expansion contains special double room type tiles that you can use to renovate your castle WHILE you build it! Get double the completion rewards, and fulfill favors twice as fast with a wide variety of renovations in every size. Renovations give you two completion rewards, successfully place them on an already-completed room and you will score both rewards instantly! Renovations is completely compatible with all editions of Castles of Mad King Ludwig!

Renovations are themed with their dual nature in mind. For instance, the Patio is both a Living and Outdoor room, while the Linen Closet is both a Utility and Sleeping room.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Colossal Renovations

Build the best and biggest Castle yet with Colossal Renovations! Colossal’s new room sizes are 4x as large as the regular renovations rooms and 4x more impressive! Enjoy the hunt for hidden Easter Eggs with the larger than life Colossal Expansion! This is only compatible with the Colossal Collector’s Edition.

The Colossal version of Renovations is available for people who have the Castles of Mad King Ludwig Colossal Collector’s Edition. Castles of Mad King Ludwig Renovations is compatible with all versions of Castles of Mad King Ludwig including 1st Edition and Collector’s Edition. Both versions of Renovations includes custom GameTrayz™ storage containers and lids!

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