Renegade announces Atlas: Enchanted Lands

Cards can be a way to create flexibility within card games.  While they can show off statistics and give instruction, designers are trying to implement them in new and unique ways.  Renegade Game Studios is promising a new way to play a card game with Atlas: Enchanted Lands.

Renegade Game Studios™, the premier publisher of unique games will release Atlas: Enchanted Lands Fall 2017. Designed by J. Alex Kevern (SentientWorld’s Fair 1893), Atlas: Enchanted Lands draws players into the magical world of an enchanted forest. Art by Beth Sobel (Lanterns: The Harvest FestivalLanterns: The Emperor’s GiftsSnow Tails), illuminates the landscapes at Dawn, Day, Sunset, and Night.

Atlas: Enchanted Lands is an elegant card game set in a world of fairies and magic. Play cards to reveal a certain place and time — and place your stake in one of the two. Explore a location at dawn, day, sunset, and night, or see what the whole land looks like in the dark. Each card offers two choices, and it’s up to you to uncover the world that awaits.

Players are challenged to predict the Time or Place that will be uncovered first. Cards laid on the board will complete sets. Depending on the cards chosen by the players, sets of similar cards or numerically ascending cards will be revealed, granting points to the players that deduced the correct combination.

“There’s something elegant and beautiful about simple mechanics that still challenge the players to really think about their choices,”  says Renegade President Scott Gaeta.  “We’re incredibly happy to be able to pair J. Alex Kevern’s polished design with Beth Sobel’s delightful illustrations.”

Look for Atlas: Enchanted Lands at friendly local game stores and online Fall 2017. Atlas takes about 20 minutes to play and is for 2-4 players ages 8+ with an MSRP of $20. The box contains the following components:

  • 32 Cards
  • 64 Chips (16 per player)
  • 4 Suit tokens

I can’t wait to see how the cards are laid out and how they affect the game.  With a fall release date, I’m guessing this will come out around Gen Con.

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