Release list for March 5th, 2013


Just looking at this list makes my wallet ache.  There is a DELUGE of fantastic titles in this list, and this list is extensive!  With a whopping 16 items including just a small handful of DLC, the 2013 deluge has officially begun.  City building with SimCity, a new approach for Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, two titans of Baseball go head-to-head in MLB offerings from 2K Sports and from Sony, a whip-wielding action title for the 3DS in Castlevania, and even an expansion for The Sims 3 joins a the roster along side of the final DLC for Mass Effect 3 and the first from DmC.  If you found yourself sitting back saying “I’m bored”, let me solve that for you very quickly.

A reminder – each of these is a link for you to order a copy for yourself.  Each purchase helps support the site, so that’s always appreciated.  Enjoy the list!

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