Redfall’s newest character profile features quite the deadeye’d vampire hunter

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We’ve been getting introductions to the cast of Redfall, and after Layla and her telekinetic powers comes Jacob Boyer, a special forces sniper who’s missing eye doesn’t slow him in the slightest. The second I heard sniper I was definitely interested, as I prefer a more tactical approach, but his “vampiric” eye sounds like it’ll bring some intriguing abilities with it. Check out all the new details for Jacob below, straight from Bethesda and Arkane’s Redfall blog.

Redfall - The Deadeye | Jacob Hero Trailer


You definitely don’t want to get caught in Jacob’s line of fire. A former special forces sniper for the military, Jacob went mercenary following his discharge. A corporate contract with the private military company Bellwether Security brought him to the charming town of Redfall on confidential orders.

When Redfall fell to the vampires, Jacob had a nasty run-in with one of the vampiric “gods” now ruling the island, leaving him with a vampiric eye and a spectral raven companion. Jacob is tough, used to doing what he must to survive, but will he be able to fight back against the vampires threatening to destroy Redfall? He doesn’t have much of a choice. There’s no way off the island.


After an encounter with a vampire god, Jacob gained the ability to manifest and summon a spectral raven. Jacob can use his raven as a scout, and activating it sends the raven to seek out and mark nearby threats, so you’ll always be prepared for who and what is ahead. Deactivating the ability will mark enemies a second time. The Raven can even be upgraded to seek out and damage enemies in its path.


Issued by Bellwether Security, Jacob’s cloaking device is a prototype that allows him to move unseen. The cloaking device will turn Jacob invisible temporarily so you can evade or sneak up on unaware enemies. Careful, though, because attacking or touching an enemy will deactivate the cloak. Upgrade Cloak to increase the duration and even lend your invisible status to teammates.


Jacob has always been a gifted deadeye sniper, but after the incident with a vampire god that nearly killed him, Jacob found that he had a few unique vampiric abilities including an eye that allows him to summon a ghostly sniper rifle. This rifle is extraordinarily powerful, locking onto enemies one after the other so you can deal out a series of lethal headshots from afar. Heartstopper uses psychic residue, which can be collected by destroying vampires or from cultists who carry it in jars.

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