Rayman Legends – He May Be Limbless, But He Compensates in Other Areas

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in the last few weeks, you might have caught that leaked trailer of Rayman Legends  being played on the Wii U. If you watched Ubisoft’s E3 conference today, you would have seen even more video of Rayman Legends  being played on the Wii U. But you know what? Rayman deserves more than to be nestled among a gaggle of Ubisoft announcements. He deserves to be in the headlines, with a news post dedicated utterly and singularly to him.

Ubisoft has been quick to reassure us that the same all-star cast behind Rayman Origin’s  development is on board for Legends – the artists, designers, and composers are all coming together again to ensure that the same level of creative genius is poured into every facet of the game. With the somewhat mightier power of the Wii U, we can look forward to enhancements to the graphics engine such as improved lighting and updated game rendering.

“The combinations of new controls and original game styles that the Nintendo Wii U makes possible really inspired the creative ambition of the team working on Rayman Legends,” said Michel Ancel, creative director at Ubisoft. ”Rayman Legends expands upon what everyone loves about Rayman’s world, and adds new ways of playing together that will make it the most collaborative and fun game in the franchise.”

As for how the game will play, it remains a (thankfully) 2D side-scroller, but this time around there is a much stronger emphasis on the multiplayer. Legends  will utilize the Wii U Gamepad to engage players in innovative ways, using the touch pad to battle enemies, manipulate and rotate platforms, and navigate through the stages. And the best part of using the Wii U Gamepad? If mom threatens to cut the power cord on the TV because you’ve been playing with your Wii U for too long (hmm, that can be misconstrued… can’t it?), you can continue gaming worry-free because the game will continue on the controller screen. TAKE THAT MOM!!

New game modes, new characters, new environments, a new soundtrack, new new new new. All kinds of new stuff is coming to Rayman Legends  that will have Origins fans gushing. There’s no word on a release date yet, but my money’s on it being a Wii U launch title. Heck, it’s not like you can expect that dead beat Mario to ever show up for a launch.

Here’s the Ubisoft conference video again in case you missed it.

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