Rare game release: Kinect Sports Rivals hits shelves today

Probably the most important game on the Wii was Wii Sports – a motion-controlled game packed in with the console to show off what the system could do, and managed to capture a much wider audience than the average game. What does that have to do with Kinect Sports Rivals?

Microsoft’s recently released Xbox One has motion sensing out the wazoo (I’m not sure exactly where that lies anatomically, but we’ll let it slide).  Besides Just Dance 2014, there really hasn’t been a full motion-control game released for the Xbox One Kinect that didn’t stink. Even motion controls for games like Dead Rising 3 or the Xbox interface have felt like a gimmick. In our experience the Kinect has only offered a fair-to-good use of the microphone, which leaves the contentious peripheral otherwise collecting dust.

Kinect Sports Rivals is meant to change all that. Developed by the much-loved Rare, they aim to thrust gamers into the role of an athlete competing in a bunch of events. Injecting your face and body into the game via the Kinect camera, you can compete in six events either locally, with your Xbox Live friends or even in tournaments. No matter how you choose to play, you’re meant to get up off the couch and move around.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on it, and perhaps this is a product that MS should pack in with the Xbox One to fill the Wii-Sports role in the new generation of gaming – getting people interested in motion controlled games and perhaps breaking a sweat. Will lightning strike twice?

There’s a chance, Rare as it is.

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