Quit clowning around, Lola Pop joins ARMS

Nintendo revealed the newest playable fighter for ARMS today during Gamescon. Lola Pop, the candy and clown-inspired fighter makes her way into the ring. With her comes three new arms including a nun-chuck type of arm, a tri-shot that blocks the view of your opponent’s screen, and a shield that forces back your opponent’s punches.

Lola Pop can also inflate herself like a balloon to give herself a defensive boost. Hopefully, she’ll bring an interesting bit of variety into the roster.

Since Max Brass awaited players in the Grand Prix, Lola Pop is the first entirely new ARMS character to be revealed since the game’s launch in June and will be available in the next free update.

In addition to Lola Pop’s announcement, Nintendo has announced that there will be a Global Testpunch, basically a free play weekend, for anyone that has not yet had a chance to pick up ARMS. The Global Testpunch will run 8AM PT on Friday, August 25th, to 2PM PT on August 27th.

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