QubicGames celebrates 15 years with a massive 10-game giveaway on Switch, Robonauts first free game offered

QubicGames has been a source of affordable entertainment on the Switch for years, but did you know that the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year? To commemorate the milestone, the publisher has announced a massive 10-game giveaway, where 10 of its titles will be offered free of charge on the eShop, but only if you download them each day.

How does this work, you ask? Users will have the chance to download Robonauts for free from now until December 15 as long as they have downloaded a previous QubicGames title (there are a couple of free titles already available). Afterwards, each game will be offered for free should the previous game be downloaded; if you miss the deal of the day, the publisher will offer previous titles for a drastically low price in order for you to catch up. The lineup of games is as follows:

  • Robonauts (December 10-15)
  • Geki Yaba Runner (December 16)
  • Puzzle Book (December 17)
  • One Strike (December 18)
  • Wreckin’ Ball Adventure (December 19)
  • Koloro (December 20)
  • #RaceDieRun (December 21)
  • Rekt (December 22)
  • Mana Spark (December 23)
  • To be announced mystery game (December 24)

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