Pyramid-building push-your-luck card game K’uh Nah now available in stores

WizKids today announced that their new pyramid-building card game, K’uh Nah, inspired by ancient Mayan civilization, is now available in stores. This game is considered a “push-your-luck style game where players will try to build the largest pyramid to honor the gods.

In this push-your-luck style game from designer Adam Daulton, players build Mayan pyramids, (known as k’uh nah or divine houses), seeking to honor the gods by building the largest and most spectacular k’uh nah. Players choose differently-numbered block cards with a variety of symbols on them from a communal Quarry in the center of the table. They must build their pyramid by playing the lower-numbered cards above the higher numbered ones, building out their base if they’re unable to do so. Players may also choose to match the symbols on the cards in order to place heavier blocks above lighter ones. If they do not want a card form the Quarry, they can place a jade token on a card.

The game will continue until no mare cards can be added to the Quarry. The player with the lowest score wins. For more information on K’uh Nah, visit the WizKids website.

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