PUBG update brings new map and battle pass

PUBG received update 12.2 today, including a new map and battle pass for players to explore and level through.

The new map, TAEGO, puts players in 1980s South Korea  featuring wide-open fields and close-quarter hallways. It is the first 8×8 map in several years from PUBG, the 8x8s are larger and PUBG has recently moved away from them in favor of smaller maps that encourage more engagements more frequently. TAEGO represents a return to form for some long-time fans of the game.

  • Welcome to TAEGO – TAEGO put players in 1980s South Korea as they battle it out across vast and varied landscapes, ranging from wide-open reed fields to the close quarters of Hosan Prison. The first new 8×8 map in several years, TAEGO also has unique features that are exclusive to the map, including Comeback BR (a second-chance mechanic) and Self AED (as self-revive item).

  • Introducing “Survivor Pass: TAEGO” – The theme of this Survivor Pass is heavily inspired by the new map, TAEGO. Players can earn a variety of rewards as they progress through 50 levels, but that’s not all – those who play past level 50 can earn bonus rewards, including medals, emblems, and G-Coin.

  • Drive in Style with Hyundai’s Pony Coupe – KRAFTON has partnered with Hyundai to bring the company’s first concept car, the Pony Coupe to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Available exclusively in the TAEGO map, the Pony Coupe features an all-wheel-drive design for enhanced control across the diverse terrain found throughout TAEGO. The Pony Coupe was designed by master automotive designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro and was first premiered in 1974.

Update 12.2 also brings with it a new set of patch notes that can be viewed here (PC) and here (console).

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