Protect your nuclear base with the power of music, Sonar Beat coming to Steam, mobile devices January 22nd

Today, Life Zero introduced us to Sonar Beat, a music puzzle game with mechanics inspired by sonar technology on nuclear submarines. It will include 12 different tracks and unique graphics for each stage.

Sonar Beat is a musical rhythm game with a twist: the notes follow a spiral structure, so the ones you miss will remain and will move forward to your center. If they reach it, you’re dead. You play through a radar interface using your sensor cone to detect enemies approaching the center. Gameplay randomness ensure they won’t always appear on the same point every time you play, so be careful. You must destroy each enemy at the precise moment that your sensor gets in contact with it. If you fail, the enemy will come closer by and you will ultimately lose!

During Sonar Beat, your secret nuclear base is under attack and it’s up to you and your auditive sense to strike back against the enemies with music. It will feature 12 different music tracks, unique graphics for each song, procedural levels balanced between rhythm and randomness, cross-platform play and save, and a variety of enemies and beat types in a single play.

Sonar Beat will be released on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android on January 22nd, 2019. For more information, visit the official Steam page.

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