Projecting a pre-historic playing field, Mammoth Mini Golf AR receives ver. 1.5 update

Today, mobile game developer announced the ver 1.5 update to their Augmented Reality game, Mammoth Mini Golf AR. This update includes vertical plane detection, 2D image detection, and high resolution camera feed.

Mammoth Mini Golf AR is, as it sounds, an AR Mini Golf game where the course appears in your world and you play minigolf avoid the mammoths and cavemen running amok on the course. This game can either be played in single player or local pass-and-play multiplayer.

The ver. 1.5 update includes vertical plane detection, where walls will now include cave drawings. Additionally, if players have the companion app on apple watch, they can place it on the ground for more virtual characters to appear.

“We believe augmented reality has a very bright future”, says Simon Edis, one of’s co-founders. “Right now mobile AR is like a magic window into a mixed world. It’s still early days, but the lessons we are learning now will form the foundation for when that window disappears and AR fills your vision.

Mammoth Mini Golf is available now on the App Store for iOS devices. For more information, visit the App Store.

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