Prepare for the Splatocalypse, Splatoon 2’s final Splatfest

As  dedicated Splatoon fans know, the community is often assembled around special events called Splatfests in which players pledge allegiance to a team, battling to win glory for their side in special Turf War matches. Typically, these Splatfests revolve around blasé questions like “Cake or Ice Cream” and “Flight or Invisibilty,” but for Splatoon 2’s final Splatfest, the stakes have been raised in the aptly titled Splatocalypse. From July 18th-21st, Squidkids can pledge to either the forces of Chaos led by in-game celebrity Pearl, or the forces of Order led by Pearl’s counterpart, Marina. In addition to fighting for the glory of the cause, special gear will become available depending on which team you side with. To get a glimpse at how the Splatocalypse has changed the world of Splatoon, you can check out the trailer in all its zany glory above. For more on Splatoon 2, check out our glowing reviews of the base game as well as 2018’s single-player Octo Expansion.

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