Pre-Order Goodies for Hitman: Absolution

All the better to shoot you with, my dear!   We’ve got some pre-order goodies for the upcoming stealthfest Hitman: Absolution and a quick press release to chew on with all of the details.  Here are the relevant details:

· High Tech Suit and Bartoli Custom Pistol – The advanced High Tech suit provides Agent 47™ with 50% increased armor paired with the Bartoli Custom, an engineered precision weapon, complete with sight and silencer.

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·  Public Enemy Suit and the Bronson M1928 submachine gun – The Original Assassin can dress in a stylish Public Enemy gangster suit armed with the Bronson M1928, a classic submachine gun with high fire rate and deadly stopping power.

· High Roller Suit and the Krugermeier 2-2 Pistol – The High Roller suit dresses Agent 47 in a fancy tuxedo discreetly outfitted with the Krugermeier, an accurate, reliable stealth weapon with a built-in silencer.

You’ll be able to strangle people while they try to take a leak (a staple of the Hitman series) when the game ships on 360, PS3, and PC this holiday season.

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