Playstation VR2 adds another big name to its lineup with Hello Neighbor: Search & Rescue

Steel Wool Studios announced another entry in the ever-popular series, Hello Neighbor. Taking the series to the world of VR, Search & Rescue will be available on both the PlayStation VR2 and the original VR. While there is no official release date, we are able to get a taste of what is in store with a reveal teaser. Check it out:

Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue - Reveal Teaser

The old Peterson house has always been a legend among the local kids. What’s going on there? Why can the sounds of power-tools be heard late into the night? It’s up to a team of six young neighborhood heroes to crack the mystery, confront their fears and infiltrate the twisted house in search of their missing friend. Will they spring their pal, or become prisoners too?

In Hello Neighbor: Search And Rescue, players will have to master the unique abilities of six different pint-sized protagonists, crack puzzles, uncover mysteries and evade the roaming Mr. Peterson. He might not be the only danger roaming the halls either; there’s something truly strange going on in this building. The world can be scary enough from a child’s perspective and downright terrifying when you’re lost in a mad inventor’s lair!

Supporting both the cutting edge PlayStation VR2 headset and the classic PlayStation VR hardware, Hello Neighbor: Search & Rescue will be cross-buy on release. Stay tuned for more details, including the release date.

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