Players can make Mountains Out Of Molehills with The Op

The Op launched Mountains Out Of Molehills on February 24. The game is available on their website shop.

According to The Op,

“Mountains Out Of Molehills [$39.99 | Ages 9+ | 2-4 Players], is a new, light strategy game where you want to be the mole with the most control! Players work to pile their molehills as high as possible with the goal to control the most mountains at the end of six rounds. Featuring a unique, two-level game board – a lower level to make moves and an upper level to watch the molehills rise – players will take turns changing direction, blocking paths with rocks, and toppling piles to spread out their work and cover as much ground as possible to secure the number one spot.”

The game comes with 1 Double-Sided Aboveground Board, 1 Double-Sided Underground Board, 4 Board Frame Pieces, 120 Molehill Pieces with 30 In Each Color, 4 Mole Character Standees With Bases, 4 King Of The Hill Tokens, 120 Movement Cards, 1 Rock Die, 1 Rock Token, 1 Scorepad and Rules.

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