Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen, a new Dune game, was just announced and will be released this summer

Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen, the latest Dune game from Peter Olotka, Jack Kittredge, Bill Eberle, Greg Olotka & Jack Reda, the creators of Dune: A Game of Conquest, Diplomacy & Betrayal and Dune: A Game of Conquest & Diplomacy, was just announced and is set to release in June or July of 2022. You can view GF9 Game’s website here.

Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen is set more than a hundred generations before the Atreides came to Arrakis, and focusses on the hard choices Fremen leaders made when bargaining, cooperating and competing in the harsh Arrakis environment to gain and protect scarce resources and create the communal cave dwellings they called seitches.

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