Play Borderlands 2 and win stuff

Those people who own Borderlands 2, but now have it laying around somewhere on a dusty shelf, maybe now is the time to rekindle an old love. Others, who haven’t included it yet in their collection of video games, now have an extra reason to pick up a copy. But if you’re still enjoying the game every day, keep calm and keep playing. For 2K and Gearbox Software announced a $ 100,000 dollar Loot Hunt today.

From October 11 until November 7, a four week sweepstakes will take place in which you can win lots of stuff. This stuff includes:

– $ 100,000 in cash
– PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment systems with copies of Borderlands 2 Vita once released
– Customized Borderlands 2 XP SEVEN headsets from Turtle Beach
– NVIDIA® Shield™ PC Streaming set-up with a custom painted Tiki PC by Falcon Northwest
– NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 Ti GFX cards;
– Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition Strategy Guides by BradyGames
– Lifetime supplies of all 2K titles on Steam – past, present, and future.

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford also mentioned the sweepstakes will feature unique loot.

“Claptrap serves as the master of ceremonies for this grand Loot Hunt, but each week a new friendly face from Borderlands 2 will dish out daily targets that loot hunters can take down to enter themselves into the sweepstakes, As a diehard vault hunter, I am most excited for the bounty associated with each target – unique pieces of in-game loot that will drop one hundred percent of the time.”

To join the hunt, you can simply go to this site, and log in with your SHiFT account.The official website will also hold all the information on daily targets and more information on rules and prizing.

Very generous indeed.

Tom has been gaming ever since he could walk. As soon as he got his hands on an NES, his childhood revolved around the adventures of Mario and Link. Later on, he switched to Playstation, but eventually became a PC fanboy, and to this day it still remains his platform of choice. Tom studies law at Ghent University, Belgium and next to video games, his hobbies are a variety of martial arts, playing rugby and once in a while he also does a CrossFit workout.

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