Pimax teams up with Flight Simulation Association, offers fresh VR discounts

Flight simulators have finally reached a graphical fidelity where it can be hard to tell the difference between the game and real life.  Graphics cards are also reaching a point where these experiences can be run at high resolution and with extraordinarily high frame rates.  This combination makes them perfect for virtual reality, and that’s reflected in a significant rise in combining the two.  Pimax is announcing a seminar where VR experts are going to get together to talk through how VR changes the overall experience, how ot overcome issues with VR (e.g. motion sickness, how to interact with hardware controls like a HOTAS), what kind of hardware you might need, and any tips and suggestions they can suggest for how other simulators can use virtual reality to raise the level of their game.

Best of all?  You get a reward for watching it.

We’ve talked about Pimax and their trade-in program previously, and now they are offering an additional 10% ON TOP of the existing promotion for the Pimax Vision 8K X (our review) and 5K Super (our review).  Here’s a quick look at who will be presenting at this event:

Martin LammiPimax European Marketing Director.

VR YouTuber and a flight simulator enthusiast all the way back to the early days of Microsoft Flight Simulator 95. Martin is based in Sweden and has been working with Pimax since 2019 in media management, marketing, technical analysis, as well as software development. Over the years, his passion for Virtual Reality and flight simulation has given him a broad technical knowledge and deep insight of how VR immersion has taken advanced flight simulation to a whole new and ground-breaking level.

Wojciech Kotulski, Development Director at Ingremio, Director of inFlight
Sport aerobatic pilot, with over 1200 flight hours experience in sport aircrafts, including: Zlin 526, Extra 200, Extra 300L, Extra 330 LC, Extra 330LX, Extra 330 SC, Extra NG, Genevation GenPro. Ingremio is a company from Poland that produces plastic pipes and production machinery. Based on extensive experience in designing and building sophisticated production machinery, three years ago Ingremio started inFlight – Aerobatic Flight Simulator project. The pre-production aerobatic simulator was presented and tested by sport aerobatic pilots in mid-October, with impressive results. The first inFlight simulators will be delivered to aerobatic pilots around the world in the coming months.

Ben Myburgh, CEO, Sim Your Plane.
Ben has extensive experience with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in most current flight simulators. He is also a real-world pilot and engineer with a background ranging from eVTOL’s, the world’s largest aircraft, to 200mph electric experimentals and Red Bull Air Racing. It all started back in Meigs Field in MSFS 95!

Blu Games, Content Creator
Blu’s goal is to share passions with a creative edge and motivate people around the world to push themselves to chase their dreams and create the life they have always wanted. He regularly streams flights and other games to more than 36,000 followers on YouTube and is the host of the The Blu-XPerience podcast.

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