The Order 1886’s Latest Teaser is Set to an Eerie Nursery Rhyme

Ready at Dawn has released a new teaser trailer for The Order: 1886, and it’s pretty creepy.

The teaser (which you can view above) is called “Little Bobby Paige” and animates a grim nursery rhyme that seems to be telling the story of a young boy’s transformation into a half-breed, werewolf-esque creatures who are feared for their destructive capabilities.

The entire nursery rhyme is read as follows:

Little Bobby Paige was bold
Even when just nine years old
Staying out too late one night
He came home with a bloody bite
As daytime waned and darkness dropped
All noises in the household stopped
Bobby awoke, no longer him
And tore his parents limb from limb…

The Order 1886's Latest Teaser is Set to an Eerie Nursery Rhyme

The Order: 1886 is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on February 20th. Sony recently showed off everything that will come in the game’s collector’s edition, as well as premiered a piece from the game’s score at PlayStation Experience.

For more on Ready at Dawn’s first original IP, check out our preview from PlayStation Experience.

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