Open a local card shop in the newly announced Kardboard Kings

Kardboard Kings, a newly announced game from Australia developers Henry’s House, will allow players to open their own local card shop on the Australia seaside. Launching on February 10th, 2022, players can check out a demo live now on Steam. You can view the announcement trailer above and read below for more details:

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 27, 2022 – Australian developer Henry’s House announced their second partnership with Akupara Games to bring their store management sim, Kardboard Kings, to PC storefronts on February 10, 2022. Put on the shoes of Harry Hsu, a new card shop owner just beginning to cut his teeth into the famous “Warlock” trading card game. Buy, trade and sell various cards that rise and fall in value while also trying to help the locals raise their game to solidify your store’s reputation in the scene.

“The inspiration for Kardboard Kings was The Black Lotus, Magic The Gathering’s rarest and most expensive card. It really inspired us to think about the value of cards outside of being game pieces. We thought it would be interesting to make a game that showed the story behind how a simple piece of cardboard could slowly become an object worth hundreds of dollars.

Often shopkeeping mechanics act as a secondary mechanic used to supplement a more central mechanic within games. We wanted to bring shopkeeping to the front and centre and ended up taking a unique approach to designing the core shopkeeping gameplay.” – Oscar Brittain and Rob Gross, Creators of Kardboard Kings


Buy, Trade, Sell or Collect – Buy low, sell high, or store in your card binder just to flex.

Cards, Cards, Cards – From ripping opening boosters to buying singles off various sites, discover over a hundred cards of varying rarities (plus shiny variants!), featuring art from talented artists.

Unpredictable Market Conditions – Reprints, ban lists, kids’ meal promos, theft targeting, and church condemnations – you know, the usual suspect – all affect the price of your inventory.

Win the Hearts Within Your Community – Befriend the locals, hear their requests, and help feed their addictive collection hobby or elevate their game; they just might help your store become the best in town.

Create Your Perfect Shop – New management means new branding – create your dream shop with a catalogue of walls, flooring, and knickknacks; everyone loves a good chia pet, right?

An Intriguing Story – All is not what it seems on the Seaside! A sudden appearance of a mysterious patron has you wondering why they trust you with more than just information.

From hosting booster drafts events to celebrating the newest collection release with your community, Kardboard Kings offers players an opportunity to experience the joys and occasional woes of owning a local game shop. A demo is available now on Steam.

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