One book to replace them all, the Complete Character Chronicles from Beadle & Grimm’s comes to Kickstarter this fall

Beadle & Grimm’s are excited about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for The Complete Character Chronicle, which will be their first time using the crowdfunding service. This book will be more than just a journal, but instead will be everything you need for your specific class, without other information that you don’t need.  The initial campaign will include the Wizard, Fighter, Cleric and Rogue, but will include the ability to unlock more classes as the campaign continues.

This is your character’s story. Keep it proudly, and create something that you can refer back to in your dotage, long after your character met their tragic, or heroic, or heroically tragic, end.

The Complete Character Chronicle is a full size journal that includes:

  • Complete rules from the Player’s Guide AND the Advanced Player’s Guide for your class (and your class only!)
  • Spells / Feats for your class (and your class only!)
  • Original Artwork and elements like Birth and Death certificates, floor plan for your Wizard’s Keep, and more.
  • Complete, expansive character sheets
  • Journal section with grids for map making, and inspiring (or just funny) quotes from famous adventurers
  • All on lay flat binding and quality paper fit for scribbling, drawing, journalling, adding hit points, erasing hit points, and anything else you need for recording the story of your favorite character

What does all this mean, besides having a really cool journal? It means that when you’re:

  • Figuring out how to get that one extra point of AC
  • Checking on your Familiar’s Magic abilities
  • Charting out the area of effect of your newest spell
  • Getting your saving throw
  • Maintaining your enemies list
  • Designing your Wizard’s Keep

You’re only opening ONE BOOK. Which book? This one.

This looks to be the perfect way to really enhance your character and experience. Sign up for the Kickstarter notification to see when it goes live and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.

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