Odyssey, League of Legends crazy new game mode is live — here’s what you’re missing

It’s been five days since Riot Games launched Odyssey, a new game mode for League of Legends. This over the top, frantic PvE mode comes with its own Guardians of the Galaxy-esque trailer video, special skins Odyssey skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, and Ziggs, and culminates in a boss battle where you and four other players will have to face down the evil, would-be galactic emperor and resident edgelord Kayn, and his new legendary tier skin.

Odyssey: Extraction pits five players against waves of monsters, laser beams, electrical storms, and other hazards in a  mission that spans five maps. Fortunately, all five characters also have access to powerful and customizable upgrades. Staying alive and killing monsters will recharge Ziggs’ mining robot, allowing you to access the next map and eventually confront Kayn himself, and do away with all three of his forms. Check out some of the frantic action in this video by Vandiril.

Odyssey comes with a host of missions, both in and out of the Odyssey: Extraction mode, with rewards which include icons, borders, skins, in-game emotes, and even the right to buy a real-world Morning Star Crew Jacket. Powerful perks and extra upgrade slots to equip them to unlock as you play, allowing you to customize your play style and wreak havoc. Odyssey: Extraction runs until September 24th, you can learn more about Odyssey at the League of Legends website.

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