Nyko releases new Type Pad compatible with both Xbox One controller models

Nyko has released a new keypad for the Xbox One, which includes small tweaks based on consumer feedback.

The QWERTY keyboard is compatible with both the original Xbox One controller and the new headphone jack model, and will allow you to maintain that 3.5” headphone compatibility with an additional jack of its own.

Alongside this feature, the Nyko Type Pad includes a .com shortcut button, and an analog nub to help with menu navigation.

Traditional console controllers have been honed and optimized for modern play, but textual input remains fairly cumbersome,” said Nyko’s Chris Arbogast. “The Type Pad aims to make some improvements in the areas of navigation and convenient, streamlined input, all in an attractive design that doesn’t detract from the gameplay.”

The Nyko Type Pad will run you $34.99, and is available at GameStop, Amazon and Nyko’s official store.

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