Nvidia reveal limited run of physical GeForce NOW gift cards

The holidays are approaching fast, and everyone is starting to sweat on the perfect gift. For those shopping for a gamer, there is a great and easy solution from Nvidia. They are doing a limited run of $50 physical gift cards that will come packaged in an exclusive GeForce NOW holiday box. With this they will be able to redeem for whichever membership best fits their needs. More info from the announcement including 10 new games available to stream from their cloud service are below!

This GFN Thursday, it’s the perfect time to pick up a present for yourself or the gamer in your life. New physical GeForce NOW gift cards are now available for the first time ever, just in time for the holidays!

And for a limited time only, these $50 physical gift cards will be delivered in a special GeForce NOW holiday gift box, a perfectly packaged way to give friends and family the gift of gaming. Recipients can redeem these cards for the membership level of their choice: 3 months of an RTX 3080 membership, or 6 months of a Priority membership.

RTX 3080 and Priority members can both seamlessly stream over 1,400 games they already own from a powerful GeForce PC in the cloud, with longer gaming sessions than the free membership tier, as well as RTX ON for supported games for beautiful cinematic gameplay.

These new gift cards join digital GeForce NOW gift cards, so whether you’re looking for a last minute present, a gift for the holidays, or a way to bring a buddy into gaming with you, GeForce NOW has you covered

Dying Light 2 also releases “Bloody Ties” today, their first new story DLC, now available to stream on GeForce NOW. RTX 3080 and Priority members can stream it instantly with NVIDIA RTX and DLSS.

Plus, check out the list of 10 new games available to stream from the cloud this week:

The Unliving (New release on Steam)

A Little to the Left (New release on Steam)

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Free on Epic Games from Nov. 10-17)

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (Free on Epic Games from Nov. 10-17)

Yum Yum Cookstar (New release on Steam, Nov. 11)

Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 (Steam)

Heads Will Roll: Downfall (Steam)

Hidden Through Time (Steam)

The Legend of Tianding (Steam)

Railgrade (Epic Games)

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