Numskull launches pre-orders for Polybius Quarter Arcade Cabinet/Charger

If you’ve never heard the tale of Polybius, the arcade that may or may not have existed, you should really check out Ahoy’s incredible explanation video. The whole story is rather fascinating. Due to that fascination, Numskull decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the creation of a quarter arcade cabinet/USB charger, which proved to be hugely successful. Now pre-orders are available for their approximately 17″ tall arcade replica.

Thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, with over 400 people funding this project, Numskull Designs is delighted to announce the new Polybius Quarter Arcades cabinet is now available exclusively at

It’s up for pre-order now and will be delivered in August. This is a limited run and is sure to sell out quickly.

As you would expect from the mysterious game that came to arcades in early 1980s and quickly disappeared without a trace, all is not as it seems.  This Polybius cabinet is not a game, we repeat ‘this is not a game!’  Whilst it’s a true replica of the original Polybius design and complements Numskull’s retro range of Quarter Arcades iconic video games, it is in fact a charger featuring x 10 USB 2.0 charging points.

Paying homage to the original game it also has a trippy screen and audio playing out. Retro game collectors can celebrate the mystery of Polybius and add this quirky charger to Quarter Arcades collections to charge up other cabinets as well as multiple devices.

There was much speculation around this game at the time with many different conspiracy theories:

Was it a tool used by CIA to recruit soldiers?

Was it used to Brainwash people?

At Numskull it’s used merely to charge up games and devices, nothing too weird about that! Although Numskull bigs up the mystery element by packaging it in a super stylish, black box giving no clues as to what’s inside, just a message saying ‘Top Secret’!

Finally, to complete the Polybius vibe, there’s also a cool Polybius Pin Badge and stylish Snapback featuring the iconic turquoise logo.

Available exclusively at Just Geek here:



Pin Badge:

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