Nothing says ‘America’ Like Superheroes and Hotdogs

The newly branded Marvel Heroes 2015 looks to kick off its Fourth of July celebration early with a few summertime events.

Some of the more popular superheroes and their costumes, including the appropriately-themed Captain America, will be on sale through the weekend. The event is highlighted by a 50% increase to loot drops titled; Red, White, and Loot, that will be rotating through different game modes from now until Tuesday. Check out their full schedule here.

They’re also extending the Soccer Showdown and Summer BBQ events where players will have various international flags drop to be sold or donated for credits and/or to level up their vendor. As well as hotdog and ketchup drops, so there’s that.

For a game that had a pretty shaky release and a questionable monetization structure, there seems to be a large and enthusiastic enough player-base for Gazillion Entertainment to continue adding and implementing on Marvel Heroes 2015.

Here’s to fireworks, superheroes, and setting off fireworks dressed as a superhero. Happy 4th everyone!

On December 5, 1986, Josh was born into this world pink-faced and squalling. His only thoughts were, "WHAT IS GOING ON? WHO ARE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE? AND WHY THE HELL AM I NAKED?" 19 years later he bought an Xbox 360 and now plays and writes about video games. Life is funny that way.

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