No time like the present — Untitled Publisher debuts three games, releases one today

Untitled Publisher made a major showing at its first ever E3, announcing three new games, one of which is releasing today. We got short teasers for Bravery Network Online, Morning Star, and OVERWHELM, the last of which is out now.

Bravery Network Online Announcement - E3 2018

There’s not much information available on any of them, but they all looked rather snazzy. Bravery Network Online is an online turn-based strategy game with a very charming, cartoony art style. Morning Star, the most mysterious of the three, is described as “a first-person farming game where computers are your soil and software is your crops.”

Morning Star Teaser Trailer - E3 2018

OVERWHELM seems the most straightforward, a blocky side-scrolling shooter with a fetching red color palette that may give gamers of a certain age Virtual Boy flashbacks. According to the publisher, “OVERWHELM is an action horror-world where enemies get power-ups and you don’t.”

If that sounds interesting, you can snag OVERWHELM right now on Steam or Bravery Network Online and Morning Star are expected in 2019.

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