Blast off September 20 with Star Control: Origins

Star Control: Origins, an open universe sci-fi action RPG, launches on September 20. It can be pre-ordered today, and players can also try a free Fleet Battles beta, the game’s ship-to-ship combat mode, right away.

In Star Control: Origins, the player takes control of Earth’s first and only interstellar spaceship, exploring the vast reaches of space and meeting various alien life forms. Some are friendly; others will try to kill you on sight. The first major enemy will be the Scryve Empire, who have concluded based on Earth radio broadcasts that humans are too dangerous to be allowed to live.

Players can modify their ship with technology that they find, buy, or steal from others. In addition, your choices, be they good or evil, will have consequences. Players can even use nuclear weapons to fight hostile powers.

You can learn more at the official Star Control: Origins website.


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